There Is Relief for Muscle Cramps in Chiropractic Care

by | Mar 17, 2023

The feeling is familiar to most of us: everything is moving along normally when suddenly a muscle cramp hits in full force, stopping you in your tracks. While it is usually fleeting, the pain can be severe, and you likely are willing to do anything to avoid it. This is especially true for those who have constant muscle cramps due to a condition or constant physical activity. Along with maintaining hydration and vitamins, regular visits to a Billings chiropractor can be an effective way to eliminate muscle cramping in the future.

Managing Muscle Cramps

There is no certain type of person who gets muscle cramps – they can occur in small children and the elderly alike. However, some people may be more prone due to things like vitamin deficiency or dehydration, and certain physical activities can make them more likely. Cramps are typically short-lived and generally appear based on a trigger, and many people simply and effectively treat them at home.

Relieving muscle cramps can be as simple as using ice, heat, or a topical cream and resting the muscle. But when they become a chronic problem, it is likely that there is an underlying cause, like overuse. A Billings chiropractor like Dr. Thomas Keogh can help you get to the root of the issue and offer long-term relief.

Chiropractic Care for Muscle Cramps

Muscles are intrinsically tied to the spine and other bones in our body – that’s why it’s called the musculoskeletal system. While chiropractors adjust the spine, their focus is on the entire system and the way it interacts with nerves. During your first visit to Bare Chiropractic, our team will perform a full evaluation of your spine and how your body is impacted by it. This includes things like joint movement and muscle movement, which can help pinpoint the cause of any muscle cramping.

In addition to the physical examination, Dr. Thomas Keogh will also discuss your lifestyle and health history to help uncover the root of your issue. Rather than just covering up your current cramping symptoms, our adjustments are designed to properly align the spine to increase movement and muscle tone. By focusing on the dynamics of your movement along with spinal alignment, your muscles can begin to work more smoothly.

Find Relief from Muscle Cramps

You won’t be the first person who has benefitted from chiropractic care when it comes to muscle cramps. In one study, an 11-year-old girl suffered from muscle cramps and chronic allergies and sought an alternative to her extensive medications. After 27 adjustments, she reported relief and was able to stop using all medications. Another case study followed children with muscle cramps related to cerebral palsy, all of whom experienced less pain and more function as a result of their adjustments.

Muscle cramps do not have to be your everyday reality with the help of a Billings chiropractor. Schedule your first appointment at Bare Chiropractic today to begin your care plan and experience relief from muscle cramps.


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