How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Child Sleep Better

by | Jul 29, 2022

If you’ve been a parent for more than a day, you know how precious sleep is. From those early newborn days of constant wake-ups, to bedtime struggles in the toddler years, and even to bedwetting, nightmares, and other sleep disturbances in older kids, sleep is not always easy to come by. No matter the age of your child or what keeps him or her awake at night, we have some excellent news for you: chiropractic care can have an amazing impact on your child’s sleep! Dr. Thomas Keogh and his team at Bare Chiropractic would love to share more with you about this incredible benefit of chiropractic care.

Causes of Sleep Problems in Kids

As with many things involving children, sleep problems can seem like a mystery. You may not be able to pin down one singular cause, or you may feel like you know the cause and then it suddenly changes. Some of the more common sleep issues can stem from a lack of routine, poor sleep habits, and improper sleep training. But if you’re checking all those boxes and still wondering what’s going on, you’re not alone. Respiratory and neurological problems can sometimes be at fault, and behavioral issues can also be a common cause. Sometimes hormonal imbalances are part of the problem, while other times, lifestyle habits like a poor diet, lack of exercise, and poor overall health are contributing factors.

If you’re lost on where to begin with correcting the issue, you can start with making minor changes to your child’s day. Give them healthier foods with less sugar and less processed ingredients, make sure they’re being active during the day, and establish a solid and sustainable bedtime routine. Additionally, you can add chiropractic care to your health routine to really get the most out of your efforts to improve your child’s sleep sleep.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Better Sleep

Dr. Thomas Keogh is a neurologically-based chiropractor in Billings, MT, who has experience working with pediatric practice members of all ages. He is committed to helping his community access the benefits of chiropractic care, which targets spinal health to improve the function of the central nervous system. Spinal misalignments can put undue pressure on the spinal cord and surrounding nerves, which interferes with brain-body communication, resulting in dysfunction across various bodily systems. This dysfunction can cause any number of sleep disturbances in kids, resulting in more health issues due to lack of sleep and parents who are both frustrated and exhausted.

Pediatric chiropractic care at Bare Chiropractic focuses on helping the body heal from the inside out and correcting the root cause of any issue, from sleep problems to ear infections to digestive problems and more. Chiropractic care has been found extremely effective in helping children fall asleep easier, stay asleep longer, and wake up more rested—all without the use of medications, supplements, or sleep aids.

If your child is struggling to get a good night’s sleep, contact Dr. Thomas and his team at Bare Chiropractic today. They will perform a spinal assessment and advise you on the best chiropractic care plan to take back your sleep and live your best, healthiest life.


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